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Editor Name: Yunping Xi

Designation: Professor

University: University of Colorado Boulder

Country: USA

Biography: Theoretical analysis and experimental study on long term durability of cementitious materials and reinforced concrete structures, including creep, shrinkage, fracture, freeze/thaw, and alkali-silica reaction of concrete; high temperature damage and radiation effect on concrete; chemical and moisture transport in concrete; and chloride-induced corrosion of steel in concrete. (2) Monitoring and simulation of long-term performance of reinforced concrete and steel structures. Development of simulation models for long-term deterioration processes in reinforced concrete structures, installing sensor network on concrete structures, and integrating simulation models and sensor network for utilization of monitoring data to calibrate model parameters in real time. (3) Evaluation of existing nuclear power plant structures: containment structures and dry casks. Performance evaluation of protection systems for highway bridge decks: sealers, thin-bonded overlays, waterproof membranes, and cathodic protection systems. (4) Development of sustainable construction materials. Reutilization of various solid wastes in concrete such as fly ash, waste glass, waste tires, and recycled concrete. Applications of special additives in concrete, such as carbon nanotubes, optical fibers, forming agents, and phase change materials. Optimization of concrete mix designs.

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