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Yanggan Wang - Editor

Journal of Cardiology

Editor Name: Yanggan Wang

Designation: Professor

University: Wuhan University

Country: China

Biography: Dr. Wang is currently a professor and the director of Department of Cardiology, Zhongnan Hospital of Wuhan University, and a professor of Medical Institute of Wuhan University, China. He received his MD and PhD in Tongji Medical University, China. He had postdoctoral training at Germany Heart Center in the Technical University of Munich and Emory University in USA. His research is focused on the underlying molecular mechanisms for heart failure development and heart failure-related arrhythmias. His is particularly interested in the remodeling of calcium regulation, CaMKII signaling pathway and ion channels in the structural diseases. His team recently uncovered an intrinsic mechanism for blocking Ca2+-induced CaMKII activation in cardiac myocytes, i.e. the Kv4.3-CaMKII units. His lab demonstrated that Kv4.3 inhibits CaMKII activation by binding to the CaM binding sites and thus blocking Ca2+/CaM binding to CaMKII. This finding may lead to a new therapeutic approach for heart failure by targeting CaMKII. Dr. Wang has published 39 peer-reviewed papers in highly impacted journals, and he is now an editorial board member of 3 prestigious medical journals. He was awarded NIH R01 and R21 grants in USA and the General Project Award and Major Project Award from the National Natural Science Foundation in China.

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