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Editor Name: Xinjun Cui

Designation: Associate Professor

University: Sheffield Hallam University

Country: United Kingdom


Dr. Xinjun Cui, working as Senior Lecturer, Course Leader for MEng/BEng Aerospace Engineering in the Department of Engineering and Maths Sheffield Hallam University.
Research Interest
My research has been involved in the areas of aerodynamics, granular flows, multiphase flows, rotating flows, CFD and flight dynamics, some examples may include
Compressible gasdynamics with the focus of shock wave theories, computations and applications. My recent extension to the studies of granular free-surface flows has made a significant impact among the communities, e.g., my publications on Journal of Fluid Mechanics (579, 720), Journal of Geophysical Research (112).
Computational fluid dynamics, with various applications to transonic flows, multiple–phase flows in aero-engine bearing chambers (Roll-Royce project), granular free-surface flows, geophysical flows, rotating flows etc.
Modelling and simulation of the trajectories of rigid-bodies and other flight objects.
I have been constantly invited as a peer by the leading journals including Journal of Fluid Mechanics, Physics of Fluids.

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