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Xiaodong Ma - Editor

Journal of Vaccines

Editor Name: Xiaodong Ma

Designation: Associate Professor

University: Dalian Medical University

Country: China

Biography: Prof. Ma received his Ph. D. in Organic and Medicinal Chemistry from Fudan University in Shanghai, China, in 2012. During that time, he synthesizeda great number of HIV-1 inhibitors, and discovered several promising HIV clinical candidates.After workingas a chemical R& D engineer in PetroChina Co. Ltd. for two years, he became an Assistate Professor at Dalian Medical University, China, in 2014. His current research mainly concentrates on the general areas of medicinal chemistry, drug discovery and development, and mechanistic enzymology, with primary efforts on the structure-based design of antiviral andanticancer agents. Until now, he has designed and synthesized a great number of pyrimidine and pyrimidine fused hetercycles as potential HIV-1 RT,EGFRT790M, BTK, JAK3, FAK etc, inhibitors.

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