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Editor Name: Wenrui Duan

Designation: Associate Professor

University: Florida International University

Country: USA


Dr. Duan is an Associate Professor in the Department of Human & Molecular Genetics, Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine at the Florida International University (FIU). Dr. Duan received a Ph.D in molecular genetics from The Ohio State University in December 1999. He took a Research Scientist position in the Comprehensive Cancer Center of the Ohio State University (OSUCCC) in 2004, and then joined the faculties as a research oriented Assistant Professor in the Division of Medical Oncology, College of Medicine at the Ohio State University in 2010.  Dr. Duan joined the FIU Medical School in October of 2016. 

Research Interests:
Dr. Duan’s research interests include cancer genetics, the mechanisms by which genetic and epigenetic alterations contribute to chemo-resistance of cancer therapeutics,  developing cell and animal models, patient-derived tumor xenograft (PDX) models for targeted therapy in cancers, and evaluations of novel chemotherapeutic agents with animal models. He is also interested in developing novel biomarkers for identification of subgroups of patients who are most likely to respond to treatment of novel anticancer agents. 

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