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Editor Name: Wenjun Tong

Designation: Research associate

University: NanjingNormal University

Country: china


Wenjun Tong currently working as Research Associate in School of Chemistry and Materials Science, Collaborative Innovation Center of Biomedical Functional Materials at NanjingNormal University.
Research Interest
Bio-materials, Analysis in life science, Environmental issue
1. Zhao, X., Shen, Y., Tong, W., Wang, G., Chen, D. D. Y. (2018). Deducing disulfide patterns of cysteine-rich proteins using signature fragments produced by top-down mass spectrometry. Analyst, 143, 817-823.
2. Laxmikanthan, G., Xu, C., Brilot, A. F., Warren, D., Steele, L., Seah, N., Tong, W., Grigorieff, N., Landy, A., Van Duyne, G. D. (2016). Structure of A Holliday Junction Complex Reveals Mechanisms Governing A Highly Regulated DNA Transaction. eLife, 5 e14313.

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