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Editor Name: Ved Kumar Mishra

Designation: Professor

University: SRM Institute of Biomedical Sciences

Country: India

Biography: Mr Ved Kumar Mishra is currently being working as a Principal In-Charge, SRM Institute of Biomedical Sciences, Technology and Engineering, Soranv, Allahabad. He has also been shouldering the responsibility of being Scientist C and Head of Phage-X Technology Pvt Ltd., Allahpur, Allahabad. Born on 14th Feb, 1986, Mr. V.K. Mishra has been rendering his teaching services for more than 5 years now. He has been a member of editorial board of 6 esteemed international journals with more than 40 national / international publications. He has attended more than 12 national / international conferences Mr Mishra have proven his scholastic competency time and again. He also has one book “Agrotechnology from health to wealth and future challenges” and also more than 8 book chapters published on various issues pertaining to bioinformatics & biotechnology. Highly qualified, Ph.D. Bionformatics post the successful accomplishment of M.Tech Bioinformatics & acquired B.Tech degree in Biotechnology. The credentials of Mr. Mishra speak volumes of his zeal to learn.

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