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Editor Name: Stanislaw Speczik

Designation: Professor

University: University of Warsaw

Country: Poland

Biography: Professor Stanislaw Speczik was born on 13 September 1947 in Zabrze, Poland.He acquired his Master of Science degree in 1971 at the Faculty of Geology, the University of Warsaw, and was subsequently awarded a doctoral degree in 1976 and a post-doctoral degree (habilitation) in 1986. In 1997 he received the title of Professor from the President of Poland.His career as an academic teacher and lecturer at the University of Warsaw continues until the present day.
In the years 1994-1998 Stanislaw Speczikserved asVice-President of the Supervisory Board of KGHM – Polish copper mining company. Also in 1994, he became the Director of the Polish Geological Institute – a position held until the year 2000. Subsequently, in the years 2001-2004 the Professor was the President of the Board of KGHM copper company, and in 2004-2005 he was a member of the Supervisory Board of PGNiG – major Polish oil and gas company. In 2005 he worked in Polish Government as a Secretary of State in the Ministry of State Treasury.Professor Speczik’s professional experience also includes consultancy and supervisorship in numerous other Polish and foreign business enterprises. Since 2010 he holds the position of Chief Executive Officer of all the companies belonging to Miedzi Copper Corporation – a Canadian enterprise committed to the exploration of copper and silver deposits in Poland.

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