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Editor Name: Sourav Banerjee

Designation: Associate Professor

University: University of South Carolina

Country: USA


Sourav Banerjee is an Associate Professor in Mechanical Engineering Department at University of South Carolina.

Research Interests
Computational Acoustics and Ultrasonics: physics based predictive modeling of acoustics & ultrasonic waves in solids, fluids, composites & engineered metamaterials; impact mitigation and wave suppression;
computational nondestructive evaluation (NDE) & structural health monitoring (SHM).
Material State Awareness: composites damage precursors; predictive material degradation; progressive damage assessment at multiple scales; experimental NDE and SHM of materials and structures
System Identification: Signal Processing; Big-Data analysis; Surrogate modeling of complex systems
Mechatronics and Metamaterials: smart materials; sensor technology; acoustic/ultrasonic energy harvesting; acoustic/ultrasonic wave guiding, tunneling, lensing, topological manipulation, computing.
AcoustoBiomechanics, Bio-Origami & Programmable Matter: exploring the physics of acoustics in nature to device new devices / sensors; metamaterial applications; computationally predict the complex
dynamics of bioorganisms.

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