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Sartaj Tabassum - Editor

Journal of Analytical Sciences and Instrumentation

Editor Name: Sartaj Tabassum

Designation: Professor

University: King Saud University

Country: Saudi Arabia


Dr.Sartaj Tabassum is received his ph.d from Aligarh Muslim University in department Chemistry in 1985-1988.2016-Till date  working as proffesor in King Saud University, Riyadh ,Saudi Arabia.

Research interests:Bioinorganic Chemistry,Molecular Drug Design, Isolation and their anticancer activity via Gene Mediated
Pathway (Apoptosis),Peptide Deformylase and Tyrosine Phosphatase (VHR) Enzyme Inhibitor,Binding Studies and Electrochemistry of Metal –Saccharides Complexes with DNA ,Enzyme Bio mimic Model Systems,Coordination Chemistry: Mono and bimetallic complexes.

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