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Editor Name: Rosario Pecora

Designation: Assistant Professor

University: University of Naples Federico II

Country: Italy


Rosario Pecora  was appointed as a senior researcher at the University of Naples “Federico II” and responsible for the academic course on Aircraft Structures Stability, both positions are still covered today. Starting from 2011 he got ever increasing responsibilities in large research programs representing his Institution at National, European and trans-European levels. He worked as responsible for all the activities assigned to the University of Naples in the framework of SARISTU (2011-2015), CRIAQ MDO-505 (2013-2015), CleanSky (2008-today) and Tivano (2014-today) projects. In 2012 he received the nomination of head of the Smart Structures Laboratory of the University of Naples “Federico II”, and in 2015 he was appointed as  Institutional Scientific Responsible for Airgreen2, a European cooperative project running under CleanSky2 platform.  On April 2017 he achieved the National Scientific Recognition of his technical and scientific maturity and consequently become eligible to the role of Associate Professor. In parallel to an intense research and academic work witnessed by nearly 70 scientific contributes to conferences, technical journals, and books, he continues to keep tight relations with research centers and relevant national industries while offering technical support for the certification of new products also as EASA approved Compliance Verification Engineer for structures and flutter.

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