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Editor Name: R.R. Sharma

Designation: Principal Scientist

University: Indian Agricultural Research Institute

Country: India


After post graduation from IARI, New Delhi, he joined as Scientist there in 1997. At present, R.R. Sharma is working as Principal Scientist at the Division of Food Science & Postharvest Technology, IARI, New Delhi. 
Dr. R.R. Sharma, FNAAS, FHSI has made significant contributions in the field of production and post harvest management of fruits. He has developed six varieties of mango such as Pusa Arunima, Pusa Surya, Pusa Lalima, Pusa Pitamber, Pusa Pratibha, Pusa Shresth, which all are regular bearer and bear attractive coloured fruits, having good shelf life. These are becoming popular among the farmers in different parts of India and abroad. He has recommended Sweet Charlie, a Floridian strawberry for commercial cultivation in India which has attracted strawberry growers in our country. He has standardized micropropagation protocol for grape and has given solution for the problems of fruit cracking and unfruitfulness in lemon.  

Dr. Sharma has reported the occurrence of fruit pitting, a new disorder in mango and albinism, fruit malformation and buttoning in strawberry for the first time. He has standardized the shrink wrapping technology for apple and kiwifruit, for extending shelf-life and maintaining quality   He has standardized fruit bagging technology for apple and pomegranate, which has become quite popular among the farmers of Himachal Pradesh and Maharashtra  

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