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Editor Name: Qudong Wang

Designation: Professor

University: Shanghai Jiaotong University

Country: China


Prof. Qudong Wang born in 1964, he is a professor in national engineering research center of light alloys net forming in school of materials science and engineering, Shanghai Jiaotong University. He got his bachelor degree in 1985, Master degree in 1988, Doctor degree in 1995 in Materials science and engineering. He was a guest researcher in National Industrial Research Institute of Nagoya, AIST, Japan during 2000-2011, in GPM2 Laboratory at Grenoble-INP, French as a visiting scientist during 2002.8-11, and a visiting Prof. in University of Wisconsin, Madison during 2013.11-2014.8. He took charge or took participated in over 40 research projects. He published over 350 papers in which over 200 papers were cited over 3000 times by other researchers, and obtained 64 patents and 12 awards in science and technology in china.
Prof. Qudong Wang is a member of several scientific societies, a member of TMS, a senior member of Chinese Materials Research Society and Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society, A member of Shanghai Metals Society Council, an expert of Shanghai Aluminum Industry Associate and Shanghai Nonferrous Metals Industry Associate, a member of Editorial Board- SOJ Materials Science & Engineering, Dataset Papers in Materials Science, Journal of Engineering, and so on, and the reviewer of some international scientific Journals.
Research Interest
Prof. Qudong Wang has research experience in cast iron, aluminum alloy, magnesium alloy, composites, cast die steel, foam metal, centrifugal casting, low pressure casting, die casting, extrusion and rolling, melting, test technology in metallurgy. In recent years, he focused his research field on advanced magnesium alloys aluminum alloys and their forming technology, including creep-resistant magnesium alloy, high strength and high toughness magnesium alloy, wrought magnesium alloy, diecasting aluminum alloys, die casting, extrusion and rolling, SPD, and so on.

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