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Pedro Jose Gonzalez Matarin - Editor

Journal of Food Technology

Editor Name: Pedro Jose Gonzalez Matarin

Designation: Professor

University: University of Almería

Country: Spain

Biography: Pedro Jose Gonzalez Matarin is a Professor at University of Almería, Spain.

Dr. Pedro José González Matarín is a researcher of health, exercise and nutrition sciences. He graduated in physical education at the University of Almería, postgraduate in obesity and Nutrition & Dietetics, Master Degree in Physical Activity and Health, Master Degree in Nutrition and Dietetics, Master Degree in Regenerative Medicine, Master Degree in Functional Rehabilitation in Sports and received a PhD in Health Sciences from the University of Jaén in 2014. His research interests include programming health, physical activity, and nutrition in all ages and different physiological situations preferently in women in climateric phase and men and women with diseases due aging such as sarcopenia, cancer, osteoporosis, alzheimer, physical disability also your interest is in exercise physiology, healthly lifestyle, obesity, diabetes, metabolic syndrome and menopause with associated factors. Previously Pedro had worked as a researcher in the development of a guide for school health in the Training Foundation and Health Research (FFIS) in Spain and currently is Professor and Researcher at University of Almería.

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