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Editor Name: Omar Mohammad Atrooz

Designation: Dean

University: Mutah University

Country: Jordan


Dr.Omar M.Atrooz he received his PhD Biochemistry & Biotech Moscow State Academy of Fine Chemical Technology in 1995 Moscow, Russia.IN 2013-2015 Full-time Professor ,Head of Medical Laboratory Sciences Department, Mutah University.present working as Dean of Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Mutah University in 2015-2016.

Research Interest:Phyto-Biochemical Studies :Medicinal plants , Bioactive compound, Antioxidant activity, falvonoidscontent, polyphenolic content, reducing power, antihemolytic activity, antibacterial activity, antifungal activity,Enzymological Studies:Extraction, Isolation, purification, enzyme kinetics, enzyme inhibition, enzyme immobilization, effects of heavy metals on antioxidant enzymes Biochemical studies on Maillard Reaction Products:Formation, reducing power and antioxidant activities, purification of intermediate and final compounds,nanotechnology.

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