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Editor Name: Neil Siegel

Designation: Professor

University: University of Southern California

Country: USA


Neil Siegel, the IBM Professor of Engineering Management, Daniel Epstein Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering Viterbi School of Engineering, University of Southern California

An additional research focus has been how to implement large, mobile, ad-hoc radio networks over relatively low data-rate carriers, focusing on what he calls “infrastructureless” networks (e.g., wireless radio-frequency networks that have no fixed infrastructure, such as cell-phone towers, repeaters, etc.) and techniques for achieving acceptable dynamics through what he calls “force-structure-aware” networks.  He has been a pioneer in large-scale deployments of GPS-enabled applications (like the Blue-Force Tracking system). Many of the techniques that he has developed in this area have been incorporated into almost every smart-phone and tablet computer on the planet.

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