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Naveen K. Pessani - Editor

Journal of Food Technology

Editor Name: Naveen K. Pessani

Designation: Food Scientist

University: Corbio Lenexa,Kansas

Country: USA

Biography: Naveen K. Pessani is a Food Scientist at Corbio Lenexa,Kansas, USA. Dr. Naveen Pessani received his under graduate degree in engineering in 2007 from SASTRA University, India with a major in Biotechnology. Fascinated by the Fermentation Sciences, he then pursued his M.S in Biosystems Engineering from Oklahoma State University (OSU). He also received a Ph.D degree in Food Science from OSU. While at OSU, Dr. Pessani investigated on several pretreatment processes to improve the enzymatic hydrolysis and fermentation of lignocellulosic biomass for biofuel production. He is proficient in microbiological techniques, bioreactor kinetics, extrusion technology and analytical instruments like HPLC and GC. He also participated in several food product development competitions at state and national level. 

Since August, 2016 Dr. Pessani has been working as a Food Scientist at Corbion, KS in the Functional Ingredient division. At Corbion, Dr. Pessani researches various methods to develop functional ingredients that can be used in bakery applications. He is proficient in enzyme chemistry, food micro texture studies, emulsifier technology and use of hydrocolloids in food applications. 

Research Interests
Dr. Pessani's research interests includeextrusion technology for biomaterials, fermentation engineering, food microbiology, functional foods in baking applications, DATEM replacement, hydrocolloids and biofuels.

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