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Editor Name: Mustafa Emrah Kilinc

Designation: Professor 

University: Ege University

Country: Turkey


Dr.Mustafa Emrah Kilinc he received his ph.d at october 2000 in University of Ege Department of Analytical Chemistry, he is a proffesor at Faculty of Pharmacy,Pharmaceutical Sciences Research Laboratory (FABAL) in University of Ege.

Research interest:Besides the basic analytical chemistry tools, spectrophotometry, flame photometry, HPLC and UPLC applications via ECD, FLD, UVD and DAD detectors, also studies in electroanalytical chemistry, esp. polarography, amperometry and voltametry. Designing amperometric (bio)sensors based on carbon paste electrodes or microelectrodes of platinum or C-fibers. Spectroelectrochemicall cell design. Analytical method design and analytical method validation studies.

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