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Editor Name: Mohanad Shkoor

Designation: Senior Research Scientist

University: Qatar University

Country: Qatar


Mohanad Shkoor was awarded doctorate of natural science from the Institute of Chemistry of University of Rostock in Germany in the field of Organic Chemistry. He worked in the group of Professor Peter Langer. His doctorate research was sponsored by scholarship from the state Mecklenburg-Vorpommern of Germany. After that he joined the group of Professor Adrian Schwan of University of Guelph in Canada as a postdoctoral fellow. His research was funded by the Government of Ontario and the National Health Institute. He then moved to Kingston, Canada to work with Professor Robert Lemieux of Queen’s University as a postdoctoral researcher. He was later offered a position as a senior research scientist at Pharma Medica Research Inc. in Mississauga, Canada. Then he moved to Qatar to Join Qatar University as a Lecturer of Chemistry in the Department of Chemistry and Earth Sciences.
Research Interests
Synthetic Organic Chemistry. Discovery and development of new synthetic methods. Multi-component synthetic Reactions. Green Chemistry

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