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Editor Name: Martin S A Tango

Designation: Associate Professor

University: Acadia University

Country: Canada

Biography: His research interests include; development of applied research programs involving chemical and biological treatment processes and their applications to fermentation, aquaculture, food processing, water/wastewater, oil and gas production. Some of the past research projects undertaken, are those related to the environmental aspects of oil and gas production, biomass for biofuels, use of microbial polymers as natural soil sealing agents, viability of shrimp shells wastes for biogas generation, and mitigation of bromate formation during ozonation of recirculating aquaculture systems,. His recent research interests include; the use of natural biomaterials (eg zeolite, seashells) for the separation and recovery of metal ions from aqueous streams or soil matrix and evaluation of the use of natural organic compounds for viticulture industry and applications of bioflocculants and nanomaterials for enhancement of water and wastewater treatment processes. He also continuously contributes to engaged-learning and teaching methodologies for science and engineering in the University environment. He regularly publishes numerous journal articles in refereed journals and presents technical papers as well as posters at various conferences.

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