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Editor Name: Mark Edward Jensen

Designation: Professor and Chair

University: UTHSC College of Dentistry

Country: USA

Biography: Clinical Caries Detection and Calibration in Clinical Caries Trials, Human Plaque pH Studies – Intraoral Telemetry Ion-sensitive Field Effect Transistors – Oral Applications Fissure-sealant Studies Topical Fluorides – Clinical Trials Dentinal Bonding Agents – In Vitro Evaluation; In Vivo Studies Evaluations of Posterior Composite Resins Post-operative Sensitivity after Composite Restoration Placement Polymerization Shrinkage and Microleakage Acid-etched Composites – (1) Applications in restorative dentistry, and (2) conservative tooth replacement trial. Intra-coronal etched metal restorations Etched-metal Retainers – in vitro studies; in vivo clinical trials Evaluation of a toothpaste containing a hydrogen peroxide generating enzyme system Intraoral studies of de- and remineralization Etched-alloy resin-bonded prostheses – in vitro and in vivo studies Optimum acid concentrations for resin bonding to enamel

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