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Editor Name: Lucie Bouffard Dlugasch

Designation: Clinical Associate Professor

University: Florida International University

Country: USA


Dr. Dlugasch is a Clinical Associate Professor in the department of Adult-Gerontology Program Leader at the Florida International University. She completed her BSN from the Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL. She completed her MSN-CNS in Critical Care, Post Masters Certificate/Adult Nurse Practitioner and PhD from the University of Miami, Miami. Her Area of Specialty: Certified as an Adult Nurse Practitioner and formerly certified as a Gynaecologic/Reproductive Healthcare Nurse practitioner. She has been teaching basic and advanced nursing courses and mentored countless undergraduate and graduate students in various clinical settings. Dr. Dlugasch has worked as an ARNP in an Emergency Room, University Student Health Center, Private practice family medicine office, occupational health center and delivered women’s health and primary care to adults in a low income clinic. At this low income clinic she delivered and coordinated all the women’s health care services. She receive da grant $35,000 from the Avon Foundation to help women obtain mammograms. She also coordinated a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Grant to help build community support for diabetes self-care in a low income, underserved population. She has presented nationally on access to care issues and self monitoring of blood glucose in type 2diabetes, technology and inter professional education. She was the Principal Investigator for  Human Resources Service Administration grant entitled: The Technology Inter professional Culturally Competent Education Program (TIPCE)-  and was awarded $909,850 for 3 years to integrate technology, inter professional and cultural competent education into a nurse practitioner curriculum.

Her research interest are Health care behaviors; type 2 diabetes mellitus; community support in chronic illness; fever; simulation in advanced practice, and  inter professional education.

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