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Editor Name: Li-Ming Zhang

Designation: Professor

University: Sun Yat-sen University

Country: China

Biography: Prof. Li-Ming Zhang received his doctor degree in chemical engineering from Southwest Petroleum University of China in June, 1994. He entered the Polymer Science Institute of Sun Yat-sen University (SYSU, China) as a postdoctoral fellow in July, 1994. He joined the faculty of School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering in SYSU as a lecturer in July, 1996 and was then promoted to an associate professor (1996.11) and a full professor (2002.8). From January of 2001 to July of 2002, he worked as a research support specialist in the State University of New York at Stony Brook and Brookhaven National Laboratory (X27C) (with Prof. Benjamin Chu and Prof. Benjamin S. Hsiao, USA). From May of 2011 to May of 2012, he worked as a visiting fellow in the Stanford University (with Prof. Richard N. Zare, USA). Recently, he has been transferred to be a full professor at the School of Materials Science and Engineering in SYSU. He has been in charge of over 30 research projects, and published over 290 refereed scientific papers as well as holds 37 Chinese patents. In addition, he has supervised 7 postdoctors, 21 Ph.D. and 30 M.Sc. graduates. Now he is also serving as an editorial board member for six academic journals and the director of Polymer Science Institute in SYSU.

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