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Leonardo Euripedes de Andrade e Silva - Editor

Journal of Microbiology and Current Research

Editor Name: Leonardo Euripedes de Andrade e Silva

Designation: Researcher

University: Federal University

Country: Brazil

Biography: I am graduated in Biomedicine by the Triangulo Mineiro Federal University (UFTM) (2005), Master of Tropical Medicine and Infectious Diseases by UFTM (2008), specialist stricto sensu in clinical analysis by Faculdades Integradas de Jacarepagu√° (2010) and Doctor of Tropical Medicine and Infectious Diseases by UFTM (2014). Currently I am work in mycology laboratory and clinical pathology service of UFTM and I am voluntary teacher of biomedicine curse in this same university. I have experience in the microbiology and clinical analysis areas, with emphasis on mycology, mainly in the following areas: infectious and parasitic diseases, evaluation of virulence factors, cryptococcosis, candidiasis, antifungal susceptibility tests, identification of filamentous and yeasts fungi by classical and molecular methods, PCR, PCR-RFLP, RAPD, PCR-fingerprinting, phylogenetic analysis and multilocus sequencing typing. I have twenty papers published (described in the CV), one submitted to journal plos one, another in minor revision in the Mediators of Inflammation and two submitted to medical Micology. Currently I am editorial board member of International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Microbiology (IJCEM), Global Journal of Pediatrics & Neonatal Care, ACTA Scientific Microbiology, Current Scientific Research in Biomedical Sciences and Research Journal of Medical Sciences.

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