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Editor Name: Leonard Beckum

Designation: Associate Vice President

University: Stanford University

Country: USA

Biography: Dr. Beckum currently working as Professor of Psychology and Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs, and currently Chair of the Faculty Senate at Palo Alto University. As Associate Vice President and Professor, Dr. Beckum assists with program development and evaluation, develop plans and reports for accrediting agencies (WASC and APA), Institutional research and evaluation. In addition, Dr. Beckum provides cultural competency instruction in the Ph.D. and the Psy.D. Programs. Dr. Beckum was also lead institutional efforts to strengthen the community role in education through partnerships between schools and public and private agencies. As a faculty member of Duke’s Sanford Institute for Public Policy Studies, Dr. Beckum was responsible for teaching, advising, and mentoring students in the Public Policy Institute, both graduate and undergraduate. He managed the Center’s budget and technical assistance and training activities for the states of California, Nevada, Arizona, and Hawaii and the Pacific Rim. Provided technical assistance to Pacific Rim Trust Governments once their “Trust Status” was removed during President Carter’s term. He served as
Principal Investigator for several National Institute of Education funded research projects including the Multi Ethnic School Environments Project and the Center for Research on Equitable Access to Technology Education (CREATE). Evaluation studies included work with the Marin County Teacher Advisor Project, the Marin Educational Task Force, the Calexico Unified School District, and the Sex Equity and National Origin Desegregation Assistance Centers.

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