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Editor Name: Khavroshkin Oleg Borisovich

Designation: Head

University: Russian Academy of Sciences

Country: Russia

Biography: Khavroshkin Oleg Borisovich. He completed his Ph.D. in Bauman Moscow State Technical University,Russia. He had many publications are Khavroshkin O.B.Tsyplakov V.V. Penetrator Mars96 Reality and Possibilities of Seismic Experiment UIPE RAS Moscow 1996,36p.Khavroshkin O.B., Smirnov V.E. High speed penetrator for investigating the internal structure of the Moon. Taking and returning of the samples of the soil International Workshop on Penetrometry in the Solar System.Khavroshkin O.B., Tsyplakov V.V. Radio seismology of the Earth, the Moon and planets The 30th Vernadsky Brown Microsymposium on Comparative Planetology. Abstract 8th to 9th October 1999. Moscow, Russia.

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