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Khaled A El-Tarabily - Editor

Journal of Biotechnology and Recent Advances

Editor Name: Khaled A El-Tarabily

Designation: Associate professor

University: United Arab Emirates University

Country: Dubai

Biography: Dr. Khaled El-Tarabily is an associate professor at the Biology Department, College of Science; United Arab Emirates University.  He is specialized in Environmental Microbiology.  He obtained his PhD from Murdoch University, Australia in 1997.  He taught a total of 10 different undergraduate courses in addition to 4 graduate courses in the Environmental Science Master Programs.  His research activities have been diversified over a number of topics including the use of beneficial microorganisms as biological fertilizers and as biological control agents to reduce the input of agrochemicals in the field of agriculture.  He has authored or coauthored over 40 scientific papers, and 60 regional and international conference papers.  He has also supervised 8 Master students, six of them already graduated.  As a result of his research accomplishments he was awarded nine research grants from the UAE University and from external funding organizations.  Dr El-Tarabily is also an associate editor in Journal of Biology and Today's World, International Journal of Scientific Research and Innovative Technology, International Journal of Scientific Research and Biotechnology, Jacobs Journal of Agriculture, International Journal of Clinical and Medical Microbiology, Bioengineering and Bioscience, Egyptian Academic Journal of Biological Sciences.

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