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Editor Name: Khajik Sirob Yaqob

Designation: Head

University: Zakho General Hospital

Country: Iraq


Dr. Khajik earned his MBcHB in Medicine and Surgery at Ninevah college of Medicin/Mosul University-Iraq, and went on to earn his MA in child's nutrition and growth from Oxford Brookes University in UK.
He completed his Masters degree in Childhood Studies (MA Childhood Studies) at Oxford Brookes University, including the department of a child's education and psychiatry in the UK. He taught at Kaplan International College in Oxford in the department of English language for six months. Currently, he is working as a professional in  a child's nutrition and growth and he has great interest in pediatric neurology. Dr Khajik is the head of the nutrition department at Zakho General Hospital in Kurdistan/Iraq. 
Dr. Khajik has completed his dissertation work at Oxford Brookes University in 2013,titled  "How do children think about and understand healthy eating: comparing two exploratory case studies to tackle (address) childhood obesity. This research study was published in the university publishing site in 2014. His second research was articled  in the process of publishing at an EC pediatrics Journal site, and titled "The positive clinical consequences of early combined therapy of omega 3 and B12 vitamin on children under 5 with variable forms of cerebral palsy", in addition to other research articles published in various global journals, for instance "Archives of diseases in children".  
Moreover, he is an associate member of  the Royal College of Pediatric and Child Health, RCPCH, member of Oxford University Hospitals, and  member of  the American Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

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