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We publish journals with a view to serve various purposes which include but not limited to just peer review, broad distribution, branding and authority, portability and creation of the archive of a body of literature....

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Editor Name: Kenji Suzuki

Designation: Associate Professor

University: Illinois Institute of Technology

Country: USA


Dr.Kenji Suzuki Ph.D. in Information Engineering (by Published Work)in Japanese universities in 2000.He completed M.S. in Electrical and Electronic Engineering,Graduate School ofScience and Technology,Meijo University,Nagoya,Japan in 1991-1993.present he is working as Associate Professor,Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering and Medical Imaging Research Center, Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago,Illinois since 2014.2017 to present he is working as Professor (Specially Appointed), World Research Hub Initiative (WRHI) &Laboratory for Future Interdisciplinary Research of Science and Technology(FIRST), Institute of Innovative Research (IIR), Tokyo Institute of Technology,Yokohama, Japan.  

Research interests:Machine/Deep Learning, Signal and Image Processing, Computer Vision, Medical Image Analysis, Medical Imaging, Computer-aided Diagnosis, Artificial Intelligence.

Editor Name: Kenji Suzuki

Designation: Professor

University: Tokyo Institute of Technology

Country: Japan

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