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Editor Name: Julia Alejandra Pezuk

Designation: Professor

University: Anhanguera University

Country: Brazil


I graduated as a geneticist in Argentina in 2008, and got a MSc. and a by the University of Sao Paulo in Brazil (2011 and 2014) studying molecular and genetics biologic aspect of cancer. After that, I have had a post doctorate experience where I worked with circulating microRNA and cancer (2014-2017). Subsequently, I was contract as aresearch and professor at a private Brazilian institutewhere I am since then doing cancer research.
I have experiences in testing new anticancer drugs in vitro and in vivo, where I performed many functional teste to evaluate the capacity of new compounds to kill cancer cells. I have also a wide experiences in gene expression and during the last couple of year I have gain a lot of experience in microRNAs. Indeed, I have worked with intracellular and circulating miRNA in cancer.

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