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We publish journals with a view to serve various purposes which include but not limited to just peer review, broad distribution, branding and authority, portability and creation of the archive of a body of literature....

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Editor Name: Jiu-Lin Wang

Designation: Assistant professor

University: Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Country: China

Biography: Dr.Jiulin Wang has both MD. and MSc. Degrees in TCM from Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, where he was also a faculty member. He has taught TCM/Acupuncture in many famous TCM universities from China, US, and Canada. Currently, Dr. Jiulin Wang is an assistant professor of the Acupuncture Program at Grant MacEwan University. He is also a founding member of Bethune Oriental Medicine Center, where he provides private TCM/Acupuncture service to the public. Dr. Jiulin Wang is dedicated to biomedical research. He finished two terms of post-doctoral fellowship training in the Neuroscience Department of Louisiana State University and Oregon Health Science University, USA. He has partnered with the Pulmonary Research Centre, University of Alberta, to finish an Acupuncture research project on COPD. He has published more than 30 professional papers and books.

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