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Jianghong Zhong - Editor

Journal of Immunology

Editor Name: Jianghong Zhong

Designation: Associate Professor

University: Beihang University

Country: China


Dr. Jianghong Zhong has been an asscoiate professor of biomedical imaging and immuology at Beihang Unversity (China) since 2020. He received his PhD degree in the field of molecular imaging from the Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2012, and then has 8 years' experience in immuology work in Karolinska Institute, Sweden. He has been leading the work to develop multimodal imaging (Cerenkov luminescence tomography, CLT) and animal models for autoimmune diseases (psoriasis, multiple sclerosis, systemic lupus erythematosus). He has published more than 20 papers with a strong emphasis on immune responses to impaired oxidation in experimental animals.
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