Journal of AIDS

ISSN: 2638 - 1958
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Editor Name: Jian Ding

Designation: Professor

University: Xi’an Jiaotong University

Country: China


My main research interest lies in, but not limited to, the fields of muscle (Cardiac muscle& Skeletal muscle) biology and mitochondriology. Currently, we are working on the two major projects in the lab:
1. Mitochondria-related physiology and pathophysiology
2. Genetic network(s) regulating cardiac contraction
Our recent study has revealed that Trbp and Sox6 proteins are key regulators of cardiac contractile gene programs. We are trying to identify additional intracellular proteins, that complex with Trbp or Sox6. We speculate that these proteins may act together with Trbp and/or Sox6, and form a signal network(s) to modulate cardiac contraction. Identification and characterization of these candidates will help us to reconstruct the regulatory network(s) and to elucidate the pathogenic mechanisms underlying cardiac contractile dysfunction and heart failure. Such an effort will lead to new therapies to treat the cardiomyopathy.

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