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Editor Name: Ivana Bočina

Designation: Professor

University: University of Split

Country: Croatia


I was born on 12thSeptember 1970. in Split, Croatia. I finished my studies on Biology and Chemistry in 1995. at University of Split, Faculty of Science. During my study I was awarded as a best student by Rector of the University of Split. Since November 1995. I work at the Department of Biology, first as an assistant and then as an assistant professor, associate professor and now as full professor in Natural Sciences, field Biology. I finished my PhD at University of Zagreb, Faculty of Science in 2005. As a professor at the Department of Biology I teach Histology, Anatomy and Embryology.  Since 2015. I’m at the position of the head of the Laboratory for Histology at Faculty of Science. My scientific work is based on the research of animal and human tissues at ultrastructural level using transmission electron microscopy, lately also with immunogold labelling. Beside the electron microscopy techniques, I also use  immunohistochemistry as well as immunofluorescencein my research. The main animal tissue I work on is notochord, especially in amphioxus and Chondrichthyans, as well as cartilaginous tissue. For the last twenty years I collaborate with the colleagues from the Department for Anatomy, Histology and Embryology at School of Medicine, University of Split in the field of Biomedicine. Our research is based on the development and diseases of tissues and organs at early developmental stages in human embryos. In 2010. and 2011. I was in a research team at the Institute for Marine Molecular Biology in Bergen, Norway studding the development of the Ascidian notochord at the ultrastructural level.All of my scientific papers are published in the field of Biomedicineand Natural Sciences. I attended numerous international conferences presenting my research. As a member of the Croatian and European Microscopy Society I chaired the sessions on Multidisciplinary Approaches in Natural Sciences and Biomedicine at Multinational Congress on Microscopy in Eger, Hungary 2015. and Rovinj, Croatia, 2017. I’m married and I have two children. 

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