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Editor Name: Isidro A. Pérez

Designation: Associate Professor

University: University of Valladolid

Country: Spain


     Isidro A. Pérez is Associate Professor of Applied Physics at the University of Valladolid, Spain. His scientific career began with measurement and modelling of photochemical oxidants. The following research line was the management of RASS sodar data, which led to different papers. This device analyses the low boundary layer beyond the heights investigated by any meteorological tower. After that, CO2 concentrations were studied at a rural site and several papers that combined RASS sodar observations with concentrations measured present the results of this research. Moreover, parametric and nonparametric procedures were used to investigate the daily and annual cycles of greenhouse gases. The analysis of air parcel trajectories was later considered and the contrast between Atlantic and continental trajectories was observed on the greenhouse gas concentration recorded. Finally, his research is oriented towards the trend determination by parametric and nonparametric procedures and the origin of greenhouse gas outliers and their influence on this trend.

Research interest: Low atmosphere meteorology; Air pollution; Statistics of meteorological observations

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