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We publish journals with a view to serve various purposes which include but not limited to just peer review, broad distribution, branding and authority, portability and creation of the archive of a body of literature....

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Editor Name: Ho Sung Kim

Designation: Senior lecturer

University: University of Newcastle

Country: Australia


Dr Ho-Sung Kim He has been a session chairman in various international conferences. He was invited to IVW (Institute of Composite Materials), Kaiserslautern University of Technology, Germany, 2003 under auspices of DAAD (DeutscherAkademischerAuatauschdienst) German Academic Exchange Service fellowship, and was also invited in 2015 as a visiting Professor to the University of Mahatma Gandhi University, Kerela, India. He has been also invited to review numerous submitted research papers for international journals and international conferences, and PhD theses. He has been a member of various committees of international conferences. 
Research interests
Material fatigue, fracture mechanisms of toughened polymers, impact performance of protective materials, manufacturing and properties of composite materials, and complex assessment.

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