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Editor Name: Helen Wall

Designation: Senior Lecturer

University: Edgehill University

Country: UK

Biography: She is a Senior Lecturer in Psychology at Edgehill University and teach Personality, Social and Forensic Psychology. As a personality and social psychologist, she is fascinated by what makes people “tick”. Why do people behave as they do and why do we often change our behaviours in certain contexts? The answers to these questions are complex and intriguing and highlight the nuanced nature of human behaviour. Relatedly, she is also fascinated by how others perceive us on the basis of our behaviour and how perceptions of another’s personality may change if people view us in different contexts. Importantly, she considers whether such perceptions are ‘accurate’ – that is, do other people’s perceptions of us agree with our own perception of ourselves? Knowing when and how we can most (and least!) accurately assess another’s personality has numerous practical implications such as knowing who to trust, hire, collaborate with and even how best to persuade people.

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