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Gustavo Puglia Machado - Editor

Journal of Food Technology

Editor Name: Gustavo Puglia Machado

Designation: Clinical Director

University: São Paulo State University

Country: Brazil

Biography: Gustavo Puglia Machado is a Clinical Director at São Paulo State University, Brazil.

Bachelor's at Veterinary Medicine (2004-2008), MSc (2009-2010), PhD (2011-2013) in Veterinary Medicine (Animal Health, Veterinary Public Health and Food Safety area), School of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science, São Paulo State University, Campus of Botucatu, SP. Scientific Reviewer of 26 journals. Gustavo has experience in Veterinary Medicine, focusing on Zoonosis and Public Health, and Infectious Diseases of Animals, acting on the following subjects: preventive veterinary medicine, zoonoses, infectious and parasitic diseases of animals, diagnosis, molecular biology and epidemiology Researcher and clinical director of Dr. Munhoz veterinary hospital since 2014 in the state of São Paulo.

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