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Editor Name: George Kiriakidis

Designation: Professor

University: Physics Univ. of Crete

Country: Greece

Biography: Graduated the 6th Public High School of Thessaloniki, GR. Enrolled as a freshman in the Physics Dept. of the Aristotle’s University of Thessaloniki (AUT) , Greece. Awarded the degree of BSc Physics./Graduated with the grade 76 out of 100. Enrolled at the Control Systems Centre, M.Sc. Course of the Institute of Science and Technology of the Victorian University of Manchester, (UMIST), UK. Awarded the Masters of Science in Automatic Control Systems UMIST, UK. Enrolled as a Ph.D. research student at the Electrical Eng. Dept. of the University of Salford, England; was attached to the Atomic Collisions in Solids group under Prof. G. Carter and Dr. J. S. Colligon. The subject of Thesis was "An Investigation of Materials by Secondary Ion Emission". Awarded the Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) Salford Univ., UK. Appointed Research Fellow at the Elect. Eng. Dept. of the Univ. of Salford, UK. Served in the Greek National Forces. Elected, Lecturer, Physics Dpt. University of Crete, Greece. Elected, Assistant Professor, Physics Dpt. Univ. of Crete, Greece. Enrolled for the degree of Masters in Business Administration (MBA), at the School of European Management, Univ. of Surrey, UK (part-time/ distance learning). Awarded the degree of MBA Univ. of Surrey, UK. Elected, Associate Professor Physics Dpt. Univ. of Crete, Greece. Appointed Adjunct Professor, MEA Dpt, CEMR, West Virginia University, USA AT Present he is Elected Full Professor at the physics Dpt. Univ. of Crete Greece.

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