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Editor Name: Gaidi Mounir

Designation: Associate Professor

University: University of Sharjah

Country: United Arab Emirates

Biography: Mounir Gaidi, Doctor in physics (Ph.D Material Sciences from the national Institute of polytechnic of Grenoble-France)), now he is an Associate professor of physics at Sharjah University. He worked for many research institutes such as National center of Scientific Research (France), National Institute of scientific Research (Canada) and the Research and technology center of energy (Tunisia). Currently Dr. MounirGaidi’s researches focus on Nanomaterials for photovoltaic solar cells applications, Doped and un-doped metal oxide Gas sensors, Nanomaterialsfor photocatalysis and Multiferroic materials for opto-electronic application. He is also expert in Thin films elaboration by physical (PLD-sputtering), chemical process, electrochemical and pyrosol techniques. Dr Mounir co-authored more than 60 papers and books in the field of nano and smart materials applications.

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