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Editor Name: Fawzi Irshaid

Designation: Associate professor

University: Al al-Bayt University

Country: Jordan


Research Interests: 

I am involved in a number of collaborative research projects with my colleagues here in Al al-Bayt University and with Professor Daniel Birmingham at The Ohio State University. My research interests focus in three topics.
1. The first topic is in field of environmental microbiology. I am currently conducting ongoing research into isolation, characterization and biochemical and molecular identification of bacteria from various sources including the Dead sea, soil, wastewater, plants and etc.  I am also examining the role of some of the isolated bacteria in biodegradation of xenobiotics in the environment and uptake of heavy metals.

2. The second field of interest lies in the discovery and development of novel drugs. In collaboration with my colleagues in departments of chemistry and biological sciences, we have designed and synthesized several synthetic organic compounds and investigate their role as antioxidants, antidiabetic, antibacterial and etc. Studies also conducted to isolate natural products from medicinal plants for their evaluation as antidiabetic, antioxidants, and antibacterial agents. 

3. The third topic is in the field of human diseases, with special emphasis on lymphoma cancer, systemic lupus erythematosus and diabetes mellitus. In collaborations with my colleagues here at Al al-Bayt University and from outside the University, we search to identify specific biomarkers in these listed diseases. 

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