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Editor Name: Farrokh Sheibani

Designation: Research Scientist

University: Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Country: USA

Biography:  Farrokh Sheibani is a petroleum geomechanics engineer; I have had direct engagement with major oil companies in understanding shale and tight gas plays, hydraulic fracturing process and microseismic datainterpretation for more than 8 years during my industry experience as well as postdoc and PhD coursein geomechanics. He have extensive knowledge and highly strong background in computational geoemechanics (1D and 3D); He implemented fully coupled geomechanical models for hydraulic fracturing based on field and lab data. He have experienced in developing 3D hydraulic fracturing propagation simulator by integrating microseimic data. He have had 3 years experience in collaboration with Rock Mechanics and Rock Physics Lab at MIT using a Triaxial Acoustic Emission apparatus to incorporate seismic data from the lab into a Finite Element geomechanical model. He have experienced in implementing Finite Element, Boundary Element and Discrete Element Methods in hydraulic fracturing and induced seismicity problems.

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