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Editor Name: Elias Ebrahimzadeh

Designation: Post-doc Researcher

University: University of Tehran

Country: Iran


Elias Ebrahimzadeh was born in Tehran in 1984 and obtained his mathematics and physics diploma under the supervision of NODET (National Organization for Developing Exceptional Talent) in Tehran in 2003. He has received the B.Sc. Degree in Electronic Engineering in 2008, Tehran, and the M.Sc. Degree in Biomedical Engineering, Tehran, in 2011.  He succeeds in Ranked 1st Admitted Ph.D. of Biomedical Engineering at the University of Tehran, 2014 and consequently, obtained Ranked 2nd among more than 1,000 Electrical Engineering students in the nationwide university entrance exam for a Ph.D. degree, 2014. He is a graduate Ph.D. of Biomedical Engineering, from the University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran (2019).During his Ph.D., his primary focus was on the localization of the epileptic foci using simultaneous EEG-fMRI recording in patients with epilepsy. Specifically, he developed a novel approach based on the ICA theory for this purpose. To enhance knowledge and experience and get ready to accomplish high-quality research, he joined a research team at the University of Calgary, Calgary, AB, Canada, working on the same field as his Ph.D. thesis for his sabbatical as a scholar Ph.D. researcher. His research interest includes biomedical signal processing, artificial neural network, statistical pattern recognition, system identification, bioelectromagnetic, machine learning, and image processing. After his Ph.D. defense (2019 Sep.), he received a fully-funded postdoctoral position at the OAKLAND UNIVERSITY, Detroit, Michigan from the US in the field of NMR. He is currently working on localization of activity epilepsy focal through simultaneous EEG-fMRI recording in epilepsy patients at the IPM as a post-doc researcher. He has authored or coauthored more than 40 publications in international journals.

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