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Editor Name: Bhupinder Singh

Designation: Assistant Staff Scientist

University: Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation

Country: USA

Biography: Bhupinder Singh career has focused on the Immunology and Genetics. In his previous study, He investigate the activation of dendritic cells with pollen NADPH oxidases (RWP/NOX) and to demonstrate in vivo relevance in mice and in patients with allergic rhinitis. He also described the importance of testing the endotoxin content of allergenic extracts and reported that allergen challenge in the nose of patients with allergic rhinitis elevates MMP7 levels in nasal fluids (Nature Immunology, 2009). In continuation with similar project on asthma, He also take part in investigating a new approach to treating asthma by using a concept called "paradoxical pharmacology.” they study the effects of the beta-blocker nadolol in individuals with asthma (Naunyn-Schmiedeberg's archives of pharmacology, 2012). Currently, He is working to study the signal transduction pathways of the genes showing polymorphisms and associated with lupus. There lab already pinpointed several novel predisposing variants and describe their functional roles (e.g., ITGAM, ATG16L2, RASGRP1, RASGRP3 and PTPRC), by studying their molecular/signaling pathways will give us better understanding which could lead to the development of new therapeutic agents or treatment strategies. Since, He was demonstrated record of successful and productive research in Immunology and pharmacology, His expertise and experience have prepared him to contribute the proposed research project.

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