Journal of AIDS

ISSN: 2638 - 1958
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Editor Name: Bekir Erol AK

Designation: Researcher and Lecturer

University: University of Harran

Country: Turkey

Biography: Dr. AK, has 25 years’ of Pistachio research, application and education experience with general fruit culture. He has completed his MSc on “Investigations on the seed germination of some Pistacia species” in 1988 and PhD on “Effects of different Pistacia spp pollens on the fruit set and quality of Pistachios” in 1992. He has completed a lot of national Research project on Pistachio nut. He has 138 papers in Turkish and English, over hundered of them on pistachio nut. He has over 80 papers that written in English. He has experience on Pistachio propagation by seed and by budding and nursery management practices. As well as pollination, irrigation, fertilization, pruning etc. He has given lecture on general Fruit Culture, Fruit Trees Prunning, Technique of propagation, Subtropical Fruits, Nuts, Physiology of Fruit Trees, etc. at the Faculty of Agriculture.

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