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Editor Name: Basile Christaras

Designation: Professor

University: Aristotle University

Country: Greece


Prof. Basile Christaras was born in 1954, in Thessaloniki, Greece. He is Professor of "Engineering Geology" and "Soil Mechanics", at graduate and postgraduate level. He is member of the European Academy of Sciences & Acts. He is Director of the "Laboratory of Engineering Geology & Hydrogeology" and Director of the "Dept. of Geology", in the School of Geology, of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH). He is also Chairman of the Committee of "Engineering Geology and Protection of Ancient Monuments and Archaeological Sites" in the "International Association of Engineering Geology and the Environment". He studied in the "Aristotle University of Thessaloniki" and the "University P. et M. Curie of Paris". He speaks English, French and Italian, additionally to his Greek mother tongue. During his carrier, he was a) President of the Board of Directors of the Greek Geological Survey (IGME), b) member of the Greek National Advisory Council of Research and Technology, c) member of the Boards of Directors of the National Seismological Institutions OASP and ITSAK. His research concerns "geotechnical investigation" of construction activities and natural hazards as well as protection of monuments; he also worked in ocean drilling activities (ODP). He published 2 books and 160 sci. papers, in international scientific magazines and congresses (306 international Citations)

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