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Editor Name: Asif Mahmood

Designation: Associate professor

University: King Saud University

Country: saudi arabia


Dr. Asif Mahmood is an Associate Professor at King Saud University, saudi arabia.
Current Research Work
Catalytic chemistry and Catalytic Reaction Engineering, Mesoporous Silica based heterogeneous catalyst development for the epoxidation of ethylene, Photocatalysts, Hydrogen production through water splitting.
Research Interests
a- Catalytic chemistry and Nano-structured materials.
b- Heterogeneous/homogeneous catalysis, Reaction engineering.
c- Catalytic conversion of olefins, epoxides, CO, and CO2 to value-added chemicals
d- Electrodeposition of Metals in Catalyst Synthesis, Photo-catalyst,
e- Crystal Engineering
f- Combinatorial method, Fuel cell, Solar cell

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