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Ana Patricia Da Silva Gomes - Editor

Journal of Case Reports and Studies

Editor Name: Ana Patricia Da Silva Gomes

Designation: Doctoral Associate

University: Weill Cornell Medical College

Country: USA


I did my PhD with Dr. David Sinclair at Harvard Medical School, focusing on the molecular mechanisms of aging. I found that during aging, and before accumulation of genetic damage, specific metabolic pathways are deregulated leading to genetic instability. The most remarkable aspect of this discovery was the reversible nature of it, allowing for the possibility of a longer healthier life. I have developed a passion for deciphering the mechanistic underpinnings of cellular dysfunction that contributes to disease, and driving this knowledge toward a meaningful clinical benefit.In Dr. John Blenis’ laboratoryI have been focused on exploring age-driven reversible changes that promote tumor progression. By identifying the age-associated reversible factors that predispose to cancer and lead to tumor progression, the ultimate goal of my work is to discover new and improved therapeutic targets for the treatment of highly advanced cancers.

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