Journal of AIDS

ISSN: 2638 - 1958
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Editor Name: Amol Batra

Designation: Scientist

University: Ashland LLC

Country: USA

Biography: Dr. Batra received doctoratein Industrial and Physical Pharmacy from St. John’s University, NY in 2016. As a part of his Ph.D. thesis, he investigated the use of polymeric binders to improve the compactibility of poorly compactible drug using twin screw melt granulation process. For his academic work, he was awarded Academic Research Award from AAPS Northeast Regional Discussion Group in April 2016. Dr. Batra is currently working as a Staff Scientist at Ashland Specialty Ingredients (Wilmington, DE) where he is extensively involved in projects based on process and formulation development of solid dosage forms including development of solid dispersions using spray drying or twin screw extrusion, rheological analysis of polymers for use in twin screw extrusion and development of granulations and tableting using roller compaction/twin screw granulation/high shear granulation.

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