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Amar Singh - Editor

Journal of Surgery

Editor Name: Amar Singh


University: University of Minnesota

Country: USA


Dr. Amar Singh received his Ph.D. in Immunologyfrom All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi for Ph.D. program. During his Ph.D., he was selected for Senior Research Fellowship award and Research Associate sponsored by Indian Council Medical Research, New Delhi. At present Dr. Singh is working as Post Doctoral Associate in Schulze Diabetes Institute (SDI), Department of Surgery, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis MN, USA. His work primarily focused on understanding the development of the xeno/alloimmune response and how it leads to intraportal porcine islets graft rejection.  His main goal is to understand the role of regulatory T and B cells in islets xeno/alloimmunity and immune phenotype of induction, maintenance and loss of tolerance.  In his preliminary work heshowed instrumental role of lymphocytes with regulatory phenotypes in the maintenance of porcine islet xenografts in macaques immunosuppressed with costimulation blocking biologics.  His research team is also characterizing B cell subpopulations, their function and association within islets graft.  Other areas of his research include identification of the main mediator of cellular islet xenograft rejection and understanding the role of CD8 effector memory T cells. His special interest is focused on development of improved therapeutics and more precise monitoring techniques so that immune therapies can be tailor-made to the transplant recipients. A recent new direction of his work is the analysis of donor reactive lymphocytes turnover using novel TCR tracking approach to understand the interplay of tolerance and cellular islet xeno /allo-graft rejection. Dr. Singh hasbeen doing research from last 12 years and he has made a significant contribution in the area of immunology of infectious diseases, cancer and transplantation. He has published more than 20 research articles, 12abstracts and 1 book chapter.

Research Interest: Role of Regulatory T and B cells in Allo and Xeno Immunity, Phenotype of Induction Maintenance and Loss of Tolerance

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